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Hechal Shlomo  - The Center for Jewish Heritage

Hechal Shlomo, the historic multi-storied complex located in the heart of Jerusalem, is in the process of a great renaissance inspired by a new leadership team.

Hechal Shlomo, in partnership with Herzog College, is creating a center for Jewish life, learning and leadership with multiple portals of entry so that each Jew can find the right access point and benefit from our Modern Orthodox/Religious Zionist perspective of how Torah and its values are lived and understood in the often complex reality of today.  We seek to engender a harmonious and positive message of Judaism which will not only create a context for a fresh and deep engagement with our tradition but also capitalize on the shifting trends in our contemporary Jewish world and build bridges between different sectors of Jewish society.

In the past few years we have successfully attracted thousands of Jews from all across the spectrum to participate in our programs, and we have ambitious plans to expand our reach and maximize our unique combination of resources by renovating and upgrading the entire facility.  The building's design reflects the open, vibrant and dynamic nature of the Jewish experience it encourages.

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