Vision for the Future

The Museum of Jewish Values

The centerpiece of our future plans is to remodel and develop our museum, which features our highly regarded collection of over 4000 works of Judaica and Jewish art, in a way that will stimulate both mind and heart and invoke the core issues that define Jewish identity today.  In the spirit of open inquiry, visitors to our museum will find engaging interactive exhibits that will place their current lives and experiences within the larger context of the Jewish past, present and future, inspiring them to consider essential questions about the nature of Judaism and the way in which it relates to their individual lives.

The museum renovation will include a ground floor entrance and an expansion of its exhibit area from one to two floors. The museum will work holistically with all other aspects of Hechal Shlomo, including its leadership programs, dialogue groups, informal education programs and conferences, and will anchor Hechal Shlomo as the place in central Jerusalem where people come together to deepen their engagement with Jewish values, teachings and experiences.

The Center for Jewish Culture and Ideas

In addition to the museum, the newly renovated facility will include:

• An active Bet Midrash filled with student and leadership programs for both men and women

• A state-of-the-art Library with multiple rooms for both group and individual study

• Classrooms, conference rooms and lecture halls of different shapes and sizes to provide the right spaces for dialogue groups as well as cultural and educational programs

• The largest theatre-style auditorium in central Jerusalem with the capacity to fit over 700 people for major events and conferences

•  A café on the roof with sweeping views of all of Jerusalem to relax and enjoy an evening of music or to simply drink coffee and share a meal with friends

Adding to the vibrancy of the facility, and in concert with Hechal Shlomo's mission to promote Jewish values throughout Israeli society, the facility also houses the graduate programs of Herzog College, the leading Religious Zionist Teachers College in Israel with over four thousand students.  Our association with the college not only grants us access to the highest caliber Jewish educators but also enables us to impact on the development of the teachers of the next generation of Israeli children.   

To enable Jews throughout Israel and from around the world to benefit from our resources and participate in the discussion, Hechal Shlomo will have a robust virtual presence including online museum exhibits, interactive discussions, courses and blogs.

Hechal Shlomo -- with its newly designed museum, upgraded facilities and multidimensional programming -- will serve as a major educational, spiritual and cultural center for the Jewish people in the State of Israel and throughout the Diaspora.


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